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As the leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment currently covers five businesses: Wheat machine, rice machine, corn machine, tractor and agricultural machinery (plant protection machinery, drying machinery, sowing machinery, etc.), providing users with tillage, sowing Field management, harvesting, straw treatment and grain drying 4 spring microcomputer force application system experimental machine the application of experimental force is automatically carried out through the spring force application structure and the microcomputer controlled stepper electromechanical system. The stepper electromechanical (30) transmits a pair of worm (28) and worm gear (29) with a reduction ratio of 80:1 through a pair of radial thrust ball bearings (31), (32)

with the rapid development of modern agricultural mechanization, the degree of mechanization from farming to harvesting is relatively high, but the degree of development of plant protection mechanization is relatively backward. At present, the commonly used plant protection and pesticide application machinery in most parts of China are backpack manual, electric, and motorized single tube spray machines. Due to the particularity of plant protection operations, there are many kinds of crops, diverse geographical conditions and planting modes, and many and complex pesticides are used, The application level of plant protection pesticide application machinery is extremely incompatible with the rapid development of pesticides in China and the development level of modern agriculture. The existing plant protection machinery can not meet the needs of crop pest control

in order to actively respond to the call of the whole process mechanization of national agricultural machinery and improve the comprehensive ability of the overall solution of the whole process mechanization, in 2013, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment fully entered the plant protection machinery business. Lovol Arbos Europe led the field self-propelled, suspended, such as seamless steel pipe, which only stipulated the product development of tensile test traction, and was responsible for the development of water and drought dual-use products and orchard air supply products in China. Self propelled boom spray (zp9500, zp7700 self-propelled boom spray for both water and drought), suspended boom spray, and towed air spray have been successfully put into the market

it is reported that in view of the current situation of low pesticide utilization rate and large waste, Lovol Arbos water and drought dual-purpose plant protection machinery independently develops an intelligent variable control system, which can set the spraying amount independently, and effectively adjust the speed and spraying amount, so as to greatly improve the utilization of pesticides. According to experts' estimates, the current national average utilization rate of pesticides is only 35%, and the loss of pesticides is as high as more than 65%, which not only causes great economic losses, but also causes serious "agricultural residues". At the same time, the spraying parts of Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery are imported with original packaging, which improves the reliability of products and uses drugs scientifically at the same time. For example, Arbos 3wxp-1200 suspended spray bar spray adopts imported 3-way nozzle with check valve, which is in a combined configuration. During the spraying process, the pesticides sprayed per unit area are effectively matched, and the control effect is better

at the same time, according to different planting and gardening, Lovol Arbos plant protection machinery realizes product expansion in zp7700 self-propelled spray bar spray for both water and drought. The wheel base of the axle is 1.5m-2.3m, with multiple choices, which reduces the damage of crops caused by equipment spraying and walking, and has a wider range of adaptability to achieve precise spraying

as one of the short boards of the whole process mechanization at present, the promotion and application of efficient plant protection machinery has become particularly important. Lovol heavy industry integrates the advantages of global research and development, and timely introduces Lovol apos high-end plant protection machinery series products. With its "safe, reliable, efficient and environmental protection" product characteristics, it comprehensively solves the problem of low prevention and control effect caused by improper use of pesticides and medical equipment from the perspective of improving efficiency, saving energy and ecological environment If the pesticide residues in agricultural products exceed the standard and pollute agricultural sources, promote the rapid development of domestic green agriculture

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