Plastic bag consumption in March reduced by 60

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Yangzhou news (Gao Songyuan) it has been more than three months since the plastic restriction order was implemented on June 1. From October 1, the use of hand torn bags without QS logo will also be prohibited. Yesterday, I visited major supermarkets and shopping malls in the urban area and found that the consumption of plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping malls was getting worse and worse, According to the incomplete unified scientific name (1) it has fallen sharply by 60%, while the hand torn bags without QS logo have basically exited major supermarkets.

have been used to bringing their own shopping bags.

from RT mart, times and other large supermarkets in the urban area, it is learned that about 80% of customers bring their own environmental protection shopping bags; about 10% of people spend 0.2 yuan to 0.5 yuan to buy the paid plastic bags provided by supermarkets when checking out; consumers who don't shop much simply take them with them or put them in their bags. Times supermarket is a worker The company will work closely with the British National composite center. The staff said that the proportion of using environmentally friendly shopping bags has gradually increased for more than three months. In general, more and more citizens have become accustomed to bringing their own eco-friendly shopping bags when shopping. Ms. Kan, who lives in Kangle community, told me that she was really not used to it at first. Now when she goes out, she will put a shopping bag in her bag for use in case of need

referring to the results achieved since the implementation of the plastic restriction order for more than three months, many citizens believe that the purpose of plastic restriction is to make the urban environment better. At present, the public has a high degree of recognition of this policy, and everyone supports it

the hand tear bags without QS logo have been basically removed from the cabinet

the hand tear bags with high media attention some time ago, I also found that the hand tear bags without QS logo have been basically removed from the cabinet when I visited supermarkets and shopping malls yesterday. Manager Wei of the customer service department of RT Mart supermarket said that October 1 is coming, and the supermarket must comply with national regulations and no longer tear bags with hands without QS logo

I saw that even some small supermarkets have replaced the hand tear bags with QS logo. Boss Chen of siwangting supermarket told him that citizens' awareness of environmental protection is obviously stronger than before. A week ago, a customer reminded him that hand tear bags without QS logo cannot be used since October 1, so he quickly replaced them

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