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Planning and design of flexible production line

FAW Wuxi Diesel engine plant was founded in 1943 and is a pioneer in China's internal combustion engine industry. From 20 diesel engines per day to 1250 46 ~ 460 HP diesel engines per day, with an annual production capacity of 350000 diesel engines, Wuxi Diesel Engine factory has witnessed the development and changes of the internal combustion engine industry. As an old scientific and technological personnel, they have more deeply realized that the planning and design of the flexible production line in the engine assembly workshop is particularly important in improving production efficiency

Planning and design of assembly workshop and test workshop

in 1990, when Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory planned to use the original parts warehouse to build the assembly workshop according to the production program of 20000 diesel engines per year, whether the engine assembly line was arranged on the second floor or on the ground of the first floor caused a very heated debate. The written conclusion of the mainland and coastal design institutes is that the engine assembly line is arranged on the ground floor, and the parts warehouse and cleaning are arranged on the second floor. As the technical personnel in charge of assembly test, based on years of assembly process experience, the parts warehouse on the first floor with the original floor height of only 8.2m is used to be strengthened and raised to 11m, which is divided into a cleaning site on the first floor and a general assembly workshop for air conditioners with purification and closure on the second floor. After repeated discussion, demonstration and negotiation, the plan was finally approved by the director in charge of Technology: five parts cleaning and pre painting lines for cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, large parts and aluminum parts and the warehouse of parts to be assembled were arranged on the first floor, and two assembly lines for internal and external engine assembly and assembly lines for cylinder head, piston connecting rod assembly and other parts were arranged in the air conditioning Workshop on the second floor. Masonry cement gb/t3183 (2) 003 since the air conditioning assembly workshop on the second floor was built and put into operation on November 28, 1991, the workshop has assembled 4368 diesel engines from 1991 to 144200 diesel engines in 2007, and the ability to assemble diesel engines has increased 33 times. That year, the CA6DL diesel engine assembly workshop assembled 67500 diesel engines at the same time. In 2007, a total of 211700 diesel engines were assembled on the two assembly lines, and the ability to assemble diesel engines increased by 48.5 times. From January to September 2008, the production and sales volume has exceeded 210000 diesel engines. The technical transformation design of the engine test workshop meets the delivery test requirements of different batches of four and six cylinder diesel engines of seven series, including L, F, K, W, x, N and m. These examples fully illustrate the importance of ensuring the flexibility of the production line from the planning and design stage. Only by thinking ahead can we adapt to the development of the factory and the upgrading of products, and leave room for development for subsequent technological transformation

adopt flexible technology and optimize the design

1 Optimize logistics design

in order to save resources and innovate thinking, in the planning and design stage of the technological transformation of the CA6DL assembly workshop, the flexibility of the logistics transmission line was fully considered, and the open channel between the original machining workshop and the assembly workshop was used to cover the roof, and the push suspended diesel engine transmission line was arranged to transmit the diesel engine of the CA6DL air conditioning assembly workshop, which was connected with the ordinary suspended diesel engine transmission line of the original air conditioning assembly workshop on the second floor, On December 19, 2003, the CA6DL assembly line was put into production. From the ordinary suspended diesel engine transmission line put into operation 12 years ago, the diesel engines of two general assembly lines were transported at the same time, and the diesel engines were transported to the test workshop through the overpass, realizing the dual-use of the first line, saving a lot of technical transformation investment and improving production efficiency

Figure 1 ABB Robot that is assembling crankshaft

innovates the logistics feeding mode. In 2006, the logistics distribution room was established to realize the "catering feeding mode" and direct feeding station of the engine assembly line. The height, width and depth of the trolley in the feeding station meet the requirements of ergonomics and see the number of objects, so as to prevent bumps and facilitate material access, and reduce all unnecessary redundant actions

2. Optimize the design of production line

the leaping development of scientific and technological innovation ability has accelerated the upgrading of products, and strive to produce multiple varieties of products in the same line and mixed line, so as to ensure reasonable investment, high quality of products and high production efficiency. Flexible production line is the best choice for enterprises to lean production

the parts cleaning, pre painting and drying line and diesel engine general assembly that were put into mass production on November 28, 1991 chose the industrial control computer line, which fully followed the principle of multi variety co production in the planning and design of technological transformation. Through continuous improvement, when pulling the jaw (wedge-shaped mouth) without friction, due to the effect of the inclined plane, the folding seat frame and replaceable lifting appliance were added, and the general assembly production line of the General Assembly Workshop on the second floor realized F, K, x, W N and M six series four and six cylinder diesel engines are produced in the same line. The assembly line of CA6DL general assembly workshop, which was put into mass production on December 19, 2003, realizes the co production of L, F and K series four and six cylinder diesel engines

12 years ago, the whole diesel engine cleaning, coating, drying, hanging assembly line and the circular assembly line of diesel engine oil packaging box, which were put into operation, realized the continuous mixed production of multiple varieties of four or six cylinder diesel engines in various series, so that the ink type II samples can appear simultaneously in a continuous production line. The four types of four cylinder and six cylinder diesel engines with hundreds of models, such as green, silver gray, camel gray and Carter yellow, are rectangular strip samples with equal cross-section. The product model, number and production date are directly stored in the database after bar code scanning, which is convenient for tracing all assembly information of the engine. With the further increase of production, a new cleaning, coating and drying line and oil seal packing ring assembly line added in 2007 also adopted the flexible multi variety mixed line production mode. The flexible production line realizes multi variety common line production and mixed line production, which greatly improves the utilization rate of equipment and adapts to the great development of enterprises

3. Optimize the assembly process

a large number of assembly processes adopted by Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory are the first ones selected by the same industry in China. For example, Germany DURR's multi station fixed-point positioning rotary cylinder block and cylinder head special cleaning machine; German DGD constant torque and constant angle automatic tightening machine for 14 shaft main bearing bolts, 26 shaft cylinder head bolts, 2 shaft connecting rod bolts, etc; Three automatic assembly robots such as crankshaft, flywheel housing, oil pan and three automatic gluing robots of cylinder block end face, bottom face and gear cover plate joint face of ABB company in Sweden; Automatic measuring machine for crankshaft rotating torque and axial clearance of ABB company in Sweden, and leakage testing machine for cylinder block components and cylinder head components. These optimized assembly process measures ensure high production efficiency and assembly precision, greatly improve the assembly quality, and realize low fuel consumption, high power, long life and high reliability of diesel engine

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