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The middle class association organized a group to participate in the American International Nonwovens exhibition

recently, the idea10 International Nonwovens Exhibition hosted by the American Nonwovens Industry Association (Inda) was held in mai'a, the United States without dust and debris

the exhibition covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, with nearly 380 exhibitors from around the world, including nearly 60 Chinese exhibitors, showing the latest scientific and technological achievements, application cases and services in the field of nonwovens

China Industrial Textiles Industry Association organized a visiting delegation and jointly organized an exhibition delegation with the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade. Nearly 70 people, including manufacturers and relevant scientific research institutes of nonwovens and industrial textiles, participated in the exhibition, led by Li Ling, Deputy Secretary General of China Textile Industry Association and vice president and Secretary General of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, The developed surface moulds the regenerated material into a finished product, with an area of nearly 300 square meters

the Chinese exhibition group has a neat lineup, and the booth design has a strong Chinese flavor, attracting many customers. The exhibits cover the whole industrial chain of nonwoven production and post-processing equipment, fiber raw materials, coiled materials, finished products, etc., and can be widely used in filtration, medical and health care, transportation, packaging and other industries

in addition, the Chinese exhibition group also joined a "new army" as equipment manufacturers of disposable products for sanitary purposes, such as Tianjin Electromechanical, Qingdao San'an, etc. As the post-processing equipment of nonwovens, Chinese products have a certain market space in the United States with low price, flexible operating performance and stable quality. Tianjin Electromechanical moved the equipment to exhibition 6 Torque unit: kgf-m, LBF in, dn-m will be on site, and on-site start-up demonstration production will be carried out. As soon as the exhibition begins, the equipment has been listed for sale

the four-day exhibition has a strong trade atmosphere. It is reported that Chinese exhibitors can receive more than 100 customers, up to 500 people, and the highest intended transaction amount is more than US $5million. Exhibitors generally reported that the trade effect was remarkable, especially the manufacturers of nonwoven products achieved good trade results, and contacted a number of buyers with real trade intentions. China's nonwoven post-processing products, such as diapers, wet paper towels, cosmetic cotton, wipes, packaging bags, are of good quality and low price. These products are daily consumables in the United States and have a broad demand space. International well-known sanitary products companies, such as P & G, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, etc., all come to China to purchase, and choose Chinese enterprises as their suppliers

During the exhibition, Li Lingshen held talks with the presidents of the American Nonwovens Industry Association, the American International Industrial Textiles Industry Association, and the European Nonwovens Industry Association respectively, and conducted in-depth communication and exchange on information communication and exchange mechanism, standards and training, conferences and exhibitions and other cooperation. Li Lingshen also introduced that this year, the "China International Industrial Textiles and nonwovens Exhibition" jointly organized by the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. will also be held at the New International Expo in Shanghai, China, in October, taking China Zhongwang, the world's leading aluminum processing product R & D manufacturer, as an example. The theme of this exhibition is technology, innovation and win-win. At present, various organizational work is in order. It is expected that the exhibition area will increase by 50% compared with the previous one. I hope they will come to China for exchanges at that time

in addition, the highlight of the idea10 exhibition is the presentation of the idea10 achievement award to enterprises on site. The award is selected from five aspects: production equipment, raw materials, coiled materials, non durable products and durable products to commend the innovation and outstanding achievements of enterprises in the field of nonwoven development. This time, 16 products, including the nanofiber production line of the Czech elmarco company, won awards

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