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Genesys helped home credit consumer finance improve work efficiency and KPI

as the only foreign-funded company among the first four pilot consumer finance companies approved by the CBRC, home credit consumer finance Co., Ltd. officially opened in China at the end of 2010. Home Credit Consumer Finance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of home credit B.V. in China, is committed to enabling anyone to obtain affordable consumer loans at any place where technical barriers are difficult to break through

sales is a very important part of the daily business of home credit consumer finance. The test curve and test plan information must be made to the customer and displayed in the query results; Only when the sensor setting module of tensile testing machine is cross sold, can we expand new business. Because of the direct selling mode, customer experience is particularly important. Home credit consumer finance has improved and displayed the working speed and efficiency of torque/axial force time by deploying the Genesys external dialing scheme, and optimized the customer contact rate when customer 6 needs it. These efficiency improvements helped home credit consumer finance successfully achieve KPIs

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we are happy to use Genesys outbound solution. Because it really improves the work speed and efficiency, and optimizes the customer contact rate. These efficiency improvements have helped us successfully achieve KPIs. So that we can contact the right customers at the right time to complete the work

milena Rys linhartova

head of home credit consumer finance sales

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