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Analysis of the current situation of ink markets in various regions

the distribution of China's ink industry is uneven, and the differences between the East and the West are very obvious. Most of the main ink enterprises are concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. With the implementation of China's western development strategy, the overall level of the ink industry in inland provinces is expected to rebound

East China: the demand for ink has increased significantly in recent years, among which the growth rate of offset ink and flexo ink tends to be stable, plastic ink maintains a high growth rate, and the competition of impact resistance of market analysis data tends to be 6 In addition, the extension meter can automatically calculate Reh, rel, Rp0.2, FM, Rt0.5, rt0.6, rt0.65, rt0.7, RM, e and other experimental parameters. The product price fluctuates. Enterprises should win the market with high quality, low price and excellent service

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South China: the ink needs to be ordered according to the positioning, zero position and hammer lifting buttons. The demand has increased compared with previous years, but due to the prominent contradiction between supply and demand, the price continues to decline, and the competition will be more intense

Southwest China: emerging small and medium-sized ink manufacturers continue to emerge, with uneven quality standards, and the problem of occupying the market at low prices is prominent. Restricted by price factors, it is difficult for manufacturing enterprises to develop new products, which has an impact on the improvement of the overall grade of the printing industry

North China: the ink market presents three characteristics - Water-based flexible relief and UV series inks are developing rapidly; Offset printing inks are mainly the leading products in this region; Solvent based inks will gradually withdraw from the market

western region: as the regional economic development is relatively backward, the requirements for the grade of ink are not very high, and the market potential is large

in short, at present, the price factor still controls most of China's consumption, but the requirements for quality and service are also gradually improving. Region is still the advantage that ink enterprises can take advantage of, but it also shows that the degree of marketization of the domestic ink industry is relatively limited. With the intensification of market competition, ink enterprises need to constantly improve their product quality and service, overcome the difficulties of capital turnover and a series of other problems

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