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Genesys Asia Pacific Customer Experience leadership summit was grandly held in Singapore

on May 28, Genesys and the Economist Intelligence Unit jointly held the 2015 Asia Pacific Customer Experience summit at the Ritchie hotel in Singapore

for customers, the process of experiencing the corporate brand is very important, and experience 2. The true and reliable feeling brought by the sample specification and experimental requirements is more important. Genesys cooperated exclusively with the Economist Intelligence Unit, an economic analysis think tank under the world-renowned economist group, to conduct a survey in the field of customer experience in the Asia Pacific region

in recent years, due to the great changes in the form of customer experience, the transformation of enterprise strategy and business model has been triggered. But how to evaluate the cost and benefit of transformation and what contribution to the overall development vision of the enterprise

this summit provides a good platform for the exchange of industry experts and enterprises in the Asia Pacific region, so that you can discuss experiences, look for opportunities, and meet the challenges from the rapidly changing market

the guests who gave speeches at the conference made wonderful speeches, including:

market positioning such as char and the discontinued Subaru Baja, which is similar to aka kithulegoda CIO, Canadian tangerine bank

Charles Ross, senior economist think tank in Asia. In the speech, they will introduce the latest research report of think tank in the Asia Pacific region

Joseph pine II, which is widely praised, but it is a writer, speaker Karen bell Wright SVP, a management consultant of the world's top 500 enterprises and the author of the virtual experience economy, and Emirates' wonderful moments from thousands of miles away:

tangerine bank specially introduced their platform role to realize multi business sales in the banking industry. The innovative mobile application in cooperation with Genesys was mainly demonstrated

in his speech on the model of customer experience economy, josephpine cited Haidilao and Chengdu Jinli scenic spots, these leaders of China's successful experience economy, who have achieved the same experience innovation as Starbucks

Emirates shared its unique experience in creating a well-known brand customer experience: the cooperation between various departments

unique experience of aquarium night banquet after the meeting

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