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Genesys and audiocodes online seminar has received a warm response - if you need to consult, welcome, and the coated materials are heated to above the melting temperature

dear friends! Thank you for your active participation in the online seminar jointly organized by Genesys and audiocodes at 10:30 a.m. on March 4. I believe you have gained a lot in this seminar

this seminar is aimed at customers who have adopted the Genesys SIP platform, and the following conditions must be met:

firewall is required, and DMZ area is provided to ensure network security.

interconnection interface is required, And it has a certain network broadband and access speed

it is necessary to provide two interconnected IP addresses and corresponding virtual machines for off-site access

the requirements of virtual machines are given later (as this is a temporary scheme, ha scheme will not be provided for the time being)

Aoke sbc

cti software

if the customer's CRM software has been developed based on the web, reverse agents can be deployed to connect to the existing CRM

if the customer does not have it, Genesys can provide WWE (workspaceweb) software

firewalls need to open the corresponding ports as required

if you have any questions about this seminar, welcome to contact Genesys' customer experience consultant, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with thoughtful online consulting services! Come and contact us

Huang Cenjie olive Huang

: + (East and central)

LUO Yihui wendyluo

: + (South and Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Liu Rui Fiona Liu

: + (North)

customers participating in this seminar will have the opportunity to get a copy of Jabra evolve 6 5E. The winning list will be announced in the next issue. Partners, pay attention to the winning list published on official account ~

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