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Genesys announced the shortlist of the 2018 customer innovation award

it is indeed comfortable for enterprises to deploy conservative and mature technologies, but often only those enterprises that bravely try and seem impossible can achieve the greatest achievements. The leaders of an industry are often those enterprises that bravely explore unknown areas through innovation and transformation and are committed to delivering excellent customer experience. Genesys believes that these industry leaders, regardless of their size, should be commended for their outstanding achievements

every year, Genesys will select the best among enterprises of all sizes in all walks of life according to factors such as customer experience transformation, achievement, innovation and influence after entering the 21st century, and select the winner of Genesys customer innovation award for recognition

as more and more enterprises have made higher achievements in the field of customer experience, the number of Genesys customer innovation awards is also increasing. The customer experience innovation award aims to encourage and support customer experience leaders to apply Genesys solutions in innovative ways, and reward enterprises that exceed customer expectations

innovative enterprises from all over the world participated in the selection

Genesys received nominations from Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The awards are divided into five categories, and each category needs to meet a series of standards, including:

has established a global customer experience, has achieved all-weather functions

has deployed an omni channel solution, and all customer touchpoints have achieved multimodality

continuously evolving customer experience strategy, facing the future, To make it an integral part of the digital transformation, the nominated candidate for the customer innovation award must be an existing member of the Genesys GCAP project. GCAP is a forum for Genesys to help its customers promote successful digital transformation experience, gain insight into industry and trends, and discuss best practices with thought leaders and peers

we are proud to announce the shortlist of the 13th Genesys customer innovation award:

CX global initiator: the best global deployment of Genesys customer experience platform

Emirates Airline



CX visionary: the best success story of switching from other platforms to Genesys platform

Heineken Mexico

jawwal (Palestine cellular)

alliar medicos a Frente

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

meituan Dianping

CX Pioneer: the best new customer (small enterprise) for rapid deployment to break barriers

Fuji Xerox

affinbank Berhad

CX Pioneer: rapid deployment to break barriers.Best new customers of barriers (medium-sized enterprises)


QUIN and make statistics on the coaxiality test data of some active experimental machines. The speed regulation system is installed at the lower part of the workbench Street

Yahoo Japan Yahoo! Japan

CX Pioneer: the best new customer to quickly deploy and break down barriers (large enterprises)


pat loan

CX Pioneer: the best successful case of cloud customer migration and/or deployment

Westpac New Zealand

CX innovator: the best successful case of Omni channel customer interaction

Telecom Spain (Chile) Telefonica Chile

Ping An insurance

Bradesco next

UPMC health plan

Hong Leong bank

harambee youth employment accelerator

an executive jury composed of industry analysts and previous winners of customer innovation awards will strictly evaluate the shortlisted enterprises to replace pure polyurea, and then vote for the final winner of the award. The final winners will be announced and recognized at cx18 Nashville, and many industry leaders, peers and analysts will witness this moment. Cx18 is the annual event of Genesys, where customer experience experts can understand and experience the future customer experience and learn how to use new technologies to change the customer experience

share successful experiences as innovators

in addition to the honorary title of being shortlisted in Genesys customer innovation award, the shortlisted enterprises will also give priority to the opportunity to deliver keynote speeches at Genesys 2018 activities, especially the opportunity to communicate on cx18. At the same time, Genesys will also give priority to writing professional customer success stories for the shortlisted enterprises and promoting their customer experience success stories

now scan the QR code below to register for the cx18 Nashville conference and learn how to become a customer experience innovator

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