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Analysis of the current market situation of titanium dioxide industry in 2018 chlorination method is in a breakthrough stage

analysis of the current market situation of titanium dioxide industry in 2018 chlorination method is in a breakthrough stage

November 4, 2019

current production situation of titanium dioxide in 2018

in recent years, China's titanium dioxide output has shown a steady growth trend. In 2018, the comprehensive output of 39 large-scale titanium dioxide enterprises that maintained normal production was 2.9538 million tons, an increase of 2.94% year-on-year. Among them, 152000 tons of titanium dioxide are produced by chlorination, accounting for 5.15%; The titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method is 2.801 million tons, accounting for 94.85%

in addition, in the total output of 2.9538 million tons of foam granulator, the rutile type is 2.292 million tons, accounting for 77.61%; The anatase type is 507600 T, accounting for 17.18%; Other titanium dioxide products such as non pigment products are 154000 tons, accounting for 5.21% of the coating

analysis on the import and export of titanium dioxide in 2018

with the improvement of the quality of titanium dioxide products in China and the contraction of titanium dioxide production capacity abroad, China's titanium dioxide exports have continued to reach a new high in recent years. In 2018, China's exports reached 907200 tons, and the export countries include India, the United States, Brazil and so on. In terms of import, the annual import volume of titanium dioxide in China remains at 209200 tons, mainly from Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, etc., and the imported products are mainly medium and high-end titanium dioxide

apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in 2018

the supply and demand pattern of titanium dioxide was optimized in 2018. With the boom of the real estate industry at home and abroad and the increasing demand for housing secondary decoration, the demand for titanium dioxide at home and abroad will continue to maintain an upward trend. In recent years, the growth rate of titanium dioxide demand is higher than that of production capacity, and the balance of supply and demand will further tighten. The shortage of supply and demand will strongly support the high price of titanium dioxide. In 2018, from the research results of recycled plastic modified concrete abroad, China found that it was feasible to use recycled plastic in modified concrete, and the apparent consumption of titanium dioxide was 2256300 tons, unchanged from the previous year

the supply and demand trend of titanium dioxide in 2019

(1) the production capacity and output of titanium dioxide by chlorination method have increased both

the proportion of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination method and sulfuric acid method has fluctuated in recent years

in terms of production process, chlorination process has the advantages of short process, continuous production, high degree of automation, good product quality and less waste. It is the international mainstream titanium dioxide process. In China, sulfuric acid method is still the main method, but in recent years, affected by national environmental protection policies, some sulfuric acid enterprises have withdrawn from the market

at the same time, as of November 2018, the 50000 t/a chlorinated titanium dioxide plant of Tian Yuan Group has been completed and entered the commissioning stage. The infrastructure construction of the new 200000 t/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project of longmang Bailian has been completed. It is expected that by the end of 2019, the production capacity of chlorinated titanium dioxide in China will reach 485000 T/A, an increase of 111%. Therefore, on the whole, with the tightening of the policy, the capacity of sulfuric acid method is withdrawn, while the capacity of chlorination method is built, and the chlorination method is in the stage of impending breakthrough

(2) expectations and prospects for the upstream and downstream of titanium dioxide

in terms of titanium raw materials, although China is a large country of titanium resources, the quality of titanium ore is poor, especially the content of calcium and magnesium in titanium ore is difficult to meet the requirements of chlorinated titanium rich materials, and it is difficult to process into chlorinated titanium rich materials by simple and low-cost processes. Most of the world's large-scale high-quality titanium resources have been controlled by large international multinational companies, and only a few mining companies in China have mining rights of high-quality titanium resources in Africa. Therefore, constantly looking for high-quality titanium resources, establishing a stable supply of titanium resources with the preservation ore suppliers of titanium cement samples, and then giving cooperation according to Hooke's law is an important direction for the future development of titanium dioxide enterprises by chlorination

in terms of titanium dioxide application, titanium dioxide enterprises need to understand the needs of downstream coatings and other application fields for different brands of titanium dioxide; Strengthen the research and development of medium and high-end titanium dioxide; Pay attention to the economy and environmental protection of titanium dioxide products, and actively promote the product development, quality improvement and market development of titanium dioxide enterprises and coating enterprises

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