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Genesys cloud helps the local service center to help the Australian people tide over the difficulties

at the end of 2019, a mountain fire swept through Australia. The material has heat resistance and dimensional stability. In New South Wales, the contact center of the local service center was faced with unprecedented challenges: thousands of messages, text messages and electronic messages that were used on the tensile testing machine poured in through the Genesys cloud platform in a short time, In order to properly deal with this thorny problem, the New South Wales service center has set up a special working group to deal with calls from customers related to mountain fires

the team is responsible for dealing with all matters such as medical problems, temporary housing options, economic assistance and so on for people who lost their homes or jobs due to the fire. Due to the particularity of these incoming calls, empathy and understanding are essential in dealing with each interaction

service NSW is a public service organization with 1000 seats working around the clock. The agency is committed to helping citizens and businesses in New South Wales, Australia, have more convenient access to government services

few institutions do better than NSW service center in providing empathic customer service. The company believes that only by equipping the seats with advanced technology can they deliver satisfactory business results and provide excellent customer service. In fact, technology is critical to creating a quality customer experience

Amy Davis, implementation analyst of NSW service center, said: technology is very important for the contact center environment, especially the stability of the platform. When dealing with emergencies, we must ensure that there are no communication system problems

genesis cloud enables NSW service center seats to focus on customer service rather than software issues. Agents can quickly establish connections with customers and solve their problems through, SMS, email and other channels. If someone puts forward a question in the text message, and the answer to the question may not be suitable to respond in the form of text message because it contains many details, the agent can seamlessly switch to other channels to provide the answer to the customer in the best way. All these are realized through one interface, which can make the agent respond to customer needs quickly, rather than wasting time on switching back and forth between different interfaces and applications that cannot be operated interactively

Paul Taylor has worked in the New South Wales Service Center for 9 years. He has been working with the disaster assistance task force since the beginning of 2020 to help those affected by Australian mountain fires. One day, Paul received a message about car registration, and then he talked to the customer about another topic, the customer's happiness. A few minutes later, Paul learned that the caller unfortunately lost his husband in the mountain fire and did not get much help

Paul listened attentively to the beating man. Technology did not prevent him from providing customer service, but helped him listen to customers' needs with empathy

I just treat customers as my best friends. Paul said: if you talk to them like a friend and ask the right questions, they will open their hearts to you

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