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Analysis of the current situation and future prospects of Henan label printing industry

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core tip: Although Henan label industry is not comparable to South and East China, the annual output value of labels in Henan Province is only about 2billion yuan (including self-adhesive labels, wet adhesive labels, aluminum signs, special labels, etc.), and its market share in the country is also very small, However, due to its superior geographical location, convenient transportation and profound cultural heritage, the consumer market in Henan has great potential

[China Packaging News] Henan has a superior geographical location, bordering Anhui and Shandong in the East, Hebei and Shanxi in the north, Shaanxi in the west, and Hubei in the south. It is a necessary place for water transportation by post roads and a place where merchants gather, so it is called "the treasure land of the Central Plains"

although the label industry in Henan is not as good as that in South and East China, the annual output value of labels in Henan Province is only about 2billion yuan (including self-adhesive labels, wet adhesive labels, aluminum signs, special labels, etc.), and its share in the national market is also very small, but because of its superior geographical location, convenient transportation, profound cultural heritage, the consumer market has great potential

this paper invites Huang Changjun, vice president of the label and special printing branch of China Printing Association, to analyze the development status and future prospects of label printing industry from the aspects of the development status of label printing enterprises in Henan, the development status of market segments, the application of equipment and materials, and the implementation of green environmental protection, for the readers

analysis of the development status of label printing enterprises

in the 1980s and 1990s, label printing was mostly undertaken by enterprises engaged in commercial color printing, and labels were mainly wet adhesive labels printed on coated paper. After 2000, China's economy has been growing rapidly, and the label printing market has also seen a situation that the supply exceeds the demand. It must be amplified before it can reach the required value and grow rapidly at a rate of 20% or even higher every year. After 2010, most of the label printing enterprises have become pure label printing enterprises. The label industry has also entered the era of market competition, and labels have become more professional and diversified. However, with the competition in the market, the profits of label printing enterprises gradually decreased to about 8%, and the label printing industry entered a downturn

according to the analysis of annual sales of label printing enterprises in Henan Province, enterprises with more than 50million Yuan account for 15%, enterprises with 10 ~ 50million Yuan account for 65%, and enterprises with less than 10million Yuan account for 20%, as shown in the following figure. It can be seen that the production capacity of label printing enterprises in Henan is generally not large enough, and the ability to resist risks is weak

proportion of annual sales of label printing enterprises in Henan Province

analysis of the development status of label printing segment market

the label market in Henan Province is mainly positioned in the fields of food, beverage, medicine, pesticide, chemical industry, electronic appliances, alcohol, supermarket, logistics, daily chemical industry, etc

Henan is one of the main grain producing areas in China, and the food processing industry is also second to none. For example, Shuanghui Investment Development Co., Ltd., a meat processing industry, ranks first in the world in terms of output and output value; China's first ham sausage - "Chundu" brand ham sausage was also born in Henan, and Chundu Group is also known as the "father of ham sausage"; Sanquan Food Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou missing Food Co., Ltd. also rank high in the country

in addition, Henan has a large population and a great demand for alcohol and beverages. Therefore, there are hundreds of beverage factories in Henan, and there are many famous Baijiu brands, such as Yangshao, Dukang, Zhanggong, Songhe, etc. at the same time, many beer and red wine brands are also well-known nationwide, such as Jinxing Beer and Great Wall red wine (civil rights). This makes Henan Province have a great demand for food, beverage and alcohol labels

in Henan, a large agricultural province, the pesticide market is also quite large, and labels play a decisive role in the development of the pesticide industry. Now pesticide labels are generally printed in letterpress with traceable QR code information, which can be described as a rising tide

in addition, the development of the medical and health care industry represented by Wanxi pharmaceutical, Hualan biology, Furen pharmaceutical, and the electronic and electrical industry led by Xinfei electric appliance and XJ electric appliance in Henan Province has also driven the development of Henan label printing industry. It is worth mentioning that supermarket Thermal Labels, which serve businesses, are also impressive in Henan

as the terminal market has become more and more fragmented in recent years, label printing enterprises are also rapidly transforming to specialization and focus, and serving customers through high-quality processing and production, promoting the rapid development of the label industry

application analysis of label printing equipment

label printing in Henan Province is mainly offset printing, and the installed capacity of offset printing machines applied to label printing in Henan Province is about 40. The advantages of offset printing are that there are many technical talents and low cost; The disadvantage is low efficiency and poor processability, which is suitable for medium and short single processing production

the installed capacity of relief label printing machines in Henan Province is about 30, mainly including satellite type all wheel embossing machine and unit type embossing machine. Due to the advantages of high printing pressure and rich technology of satellite full rotary embossing machine, satellite full rotary machines with more than 8 colors have been more favored by enterprises in recent years

flexographic printing was first applied in the field of tobacco packaging in Henan Province, and its application in label production only began in recent 10 years. However, due to the high cost of plate making, the development of flexographic printing in label printing industry in Henan Province is still slow. At present, there are more than 20 flexo printing machines used in label production in Henan Province, most of which are unit flexo printing machines, which are characterized by high efficiency, good color stability, strong processing technology and good environmental protection performance, and are suitable for long-term single production; However, many label printing enterprises are deterred by the shortcomings of high cost, high plate cost, high accessories cost, long machine adjustment time, low number of lines added and obvious phenomenon

the installed capacity of production label color digital printer in Henan Province is only 2 ~ 3 sets, which is mainly used in anti-counterfeiting printing and personalized label printing business. Its advantages are high efficiency, no edition cost, good personalization, accurate overprint, environmental protection, etc., which cannot be replaced by other printing methods. However, its biggest disadvantage is that the cost is too high. The price per square meter is 5 ~ 8 yuan higher than that of traditional printing. Many label printing enterprises, especially those engaged in food and beverage label printing, cannot accept orders. However, with the rapid development of label printing industry, it is only a matter of time before the era of digital printing comes

application analysis of label printing materials

at the end of the last century, the self-adhesive label materials used in Henan Province were mostly imported materials, mainly Allie and Lantai. With the development of the industry, now domestic self-adhesive label materials have occupied a dominant position. Among the self-adhesive label materials used in Henan Province, the surface paper is mainly coated paper, and the glue is mainly hot melt glue and water glue

at present, there are still many problems in the use of self-adhesive label materials, such as poor liquidity, easy to overflow, easy to fly, poor ink absorption, uneven coating, etc. Season, ambient temperature, storage mode, surface characteristics of the pasted items and other factors are affecting the use of self-adhesive label materials, so label printing enterprises need to deeply understand the model and performance of self-adhesive label materials, and also communicate and test with end customers to avoid unnecessary losses

we urgently need to have unified national standards to effectively restrict the suppliers of self-adhesive label materials, standardize the market of self-adhesive label materials, and realize the data management and effective use of self-adhesive label materials. Label printing enterprises also need to use some self-adhesive material performance testing instruments to check, so that customers can use them more at ease, so that enterprises will not be a drop in the bucket when they encounter problems in production

implementation of green environmental protection

at present, the implementation of green printing has become a top priority for label printing enterprises to further expand their popularity. Now we are talking more about how to be more environmentally friendly. Printing ink is the main source of VOCs emitted by printing enterprises, which was warmly welcomed by Elbegdorj and his wife. As long as the photocatalysis is carried out in an organized manner, the pollution will be much smaller. Moreover, most of the label printing uses UV ink, which contains a small amount of organic solvent, has a small odor, is convenient to manage, and has less investment

label printing enterprises use less water. It is also convenient to purchase a small sewage treatment machine that can handle hundreds of kilograms to purify ink and waste plate washing solution. The treatment of solid waste and micro waste is a difficult problem for label printing enterprises. The treatment of adhesive waste and ink barrels is a key environmental protection problem for label printing enterprises to improve the overall quality of the team, which needs to be solved together with suppliers

at present, some label printing enterprises distributed in Northern Henan have obtained environmental protection certification. Moreover, in the past two years, label printing enterprises in Henan have been learning various environmental protection technologies, which are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

(1) in the procurement of printing equipment, they prefer equipment equipped with LED light source, low energy consumption and strong digital function, because such equipment can save energy and reduce emissions

(2) for the purchase of ink, environmental friendly UV ink and water-based ink are mainly considered to greatly reduce the emission concentration of VOCs

(3) in the selection of self-adhesive materials, try to use thin label materials and bottomless paper materials

(4) in terms of the improvement of the label making process, the glazing process is used to replace the film covering process, and the cold pressing process is used to replace the hot pressing process, which not only reduces the impact of the production process on the environment, but also improves the cleanliness of the printed matter, and also reduces the impact on the health of employees

those who win the Central Plains will win the world. The label printing industry in the Central Plains should also keep up with the pace of the times and produce and develop in a more environmentally friendly way. In the future, Henan will take flexo printing and digital printing as the leading methods, vigorously cultivate technical talents, promote process innovation, develop human intelligence, and carry out standardized production and data management. Label printing enterprises should go out, study, enrich experience, change ideas, avoid blind development, and adopt diversified ways to layout the future

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