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Genesys presented the customer innovation award at the global customer experience conference xperience19

Beijing, June 14, 2019 -- Genesys (), the world's leading Omni channel customer experience and contact center solution provider, recently announced the winners of the 14th Genesys global customer innovation award at the opening day of its 2019 Customer Experience Conference (xperience 19), in recognition of Microsoft, Swiss Telecom, Coca Cola's North American business service department Whirlpool Corporation and other global leading enterprises. Xperience 19 is Genesys' iconic annual global customer experience event, held from June 10 to 13 at the Gaylord Rocky Mountain Resort and Convention Center in Denver, Colorado

genesys customer innovation award aims to recognize industry leaders who have achieved remarkable business results by deploying innovative methods and technologies such as cloud services and artificial intelligence to deliver excellent customer experience. A total of nine enterprises won the nomination of the grand prize this year. A jury composed of well-known industry analysts from IDC, McGee Smith analytics, ovum and other companies, as well as winners of previous customer innovation awards such as Bradesco, harambee, quinstreet, etc., conducted a rigorous evaluation of the shortlisted players, and then voted to select the final winner of the award

the winners of the 2019 customer innovation award include:

1 Homecare medical -- the transformation of the customer experience industry (using advanced customer experience technology to promote business results)

homecare medical has achieved greater scalability by establishing digital telemedicine service channels, and the annual interaction volume of voice, online chat, e-mail, SMS and social media has increased by 92%

2. Microsoft - global deployment of customer experience (best global promotion)

these new brands of Microsoft are applicable to shrink flexible packaging and food composite packaging. They have migrated complex traditional self built systems to the cloud, providing modern customer experience in 37 languages for 60 regions

3. Swiss Telecom -- Customer Experience Innovation (the best Omni channel implementer)

as one of the first Genesys customers to integrate with Apple's business chat, Swiss Telecom launched instant messaging, successfully migrating consumers from enterprise IVR and stations to digital channels. In less than six months, the company's customer interaction has tripled, and the business operation efficiency has increased by more than 10%

4. Lowell Norway -- customer experience enabler (small enterprise, less than 100 seats, best implementer: accelerating the realization of value)

Lowell Norway uses Genesys solutions to replace isolated and decentralized old systems, simplifying the company's operations and business processes. The average response rate reaches 94%, the average call processing time is shortened by 25%, the first contact resolution rate is reduced by 90%, and the customer waiting time is reduced by 14 seconds

5. 3 Denmark -- customer experience enabler (medium-sized enterprises, seats, best implementers: accelerating the realization of value)

3 is one of the largest mobile operators in Denmark. Since moving to the cloud contact center, the customer waiting time of the enterprise has been reduced by 23 seconds, and the work efficiency of the seats has been improved by 10%

6. Coca Cola North America business service department -- customer experience promoter (large enterprise, more than 500 seats, best implementer: accelerating the realization of value)

the total cost of ownership of Coca Cola North America business service department has been reduced by 50%. On the first day after the deployment, the availability of the system has reached 99.9%, and the correct matching rate of the first call has reached 75%

7. Affin Bank Berhad -- the leader in sales and market customer experience (best sales and market deployment)

after affin Bank Berhad changed from the traditional multi-system solution to the modern and integrated Omni channel customer experience solution of Genesys, the sales performance of the seats increased by 60%, the call abandonment rate decreased by 84%, the work efficiency of the seats increased by 50%, and the sales volume of US $1million was completed within five months after deployment

8. Tokio marine management Australasia -- the best collaborator of customer experience (team efficiency)

after the multinational insurance company moved its contact center to the cloud, through the Ministry of technology, the labor management solution of the Department of technology has successfully increased the shift compliance rate of seats by 30%

9. Whirlpool Corporation, a visionary of customer experience (turning to Genesys from other platforms)

whirlpool Corporation, one of the world's largest home appliance manufacturers, successfully migrated several different self built contact center software systems to Genesys integrated Omni channel customer experience cloud platform. Since the deployment of the platform, many key performance indicators of the company have been significantly improved. For example, the application of intelligent routing has reduced the call transfer demand by 50%, increased the average response speed by 90%, and significantly improved the overall efficiency of the contact center

Merijntebooij, chief marketing officer of Genesys, said: the recognition of outstanding global customers is a highlight of Genesys' annual customer experience conference. We sincerely thank them for their unremitting efforts to achieve technological innovation and deliver excellent customer experience. They creatively applied Genesys' solutions to carry out seamless customer interaction, empowered employees with advanced technology, and significantly improved many business indicators such as the basic principles of enterprise revenue, sales and customer satisfaction without major revision. Their achievements amazed the industry and attracted the attention of the world. On behalf of Genesys, I would like to congratulate all the finalists and winners of the customer innovation award. Good customer experience, continuous, all the time

xperience 19 is the annual event of Genesys, a gathering of powerful ecosystem elites composed of solution suppliers, customers, partners and technology leaders to jointly discuss how to break through the customer experience and move towards the future. The grand occasion of xperience19 will be released in time through social media. Please pay attention to the topic xpr19

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