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Genesys was invested by a private equity investment company with an enterprise valuation of $3.8 billion

Beijing, July 25th, 2016 -- Genesys, the world's leading provider of Omni channel customer experience (Cx) and contact center solutions (a few days ago, it was announced that the subsidiary of Hellman Friedman, a leading private equity investment company, will invest about US $900million to acquire a large number of equity from existing shareholders.

the investment brings an enterprise valuation of nearly US $3.8 billion for Genesys, which will make GENESYS one of the most valuable private software companies in the world. After the investment, permira fund and technology crossover ventures (TCV) And other original investors will continue to hold most of the equity of Genesys

genesys customer experience platform can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, sales and service. 4700 customers in 120 countries around the world (including most fortune 500 enterprises) trust and choose the Genesys customer experience platform. Genesys customer experience platform can 3. The data processing software package can span all contact points, channels and interactions, and provide full visibility in the customer process. Electrolyte additives and diaphragm coating are important measures to cooperate with lithium-ion batteries to improve voltage (increase energy density), maintain life and ensure safety. It is a valuable situation, which helps enterprises better realize in-depth interaction with customers and employees, and create transformative growth in performance

paul Segre, CEO of Genesys, said: Genesys focuses on expanding its product portfolio through the replacement of pendulum and sample base, omni-channel customer experience, employee interaction, business optimization and cloud services. In the past four years, permira has been proved to be our excellent partner, and the investment of Hellman Friedman has further proved our strategy and execution ability. This investment will accelerate the development of Genesys

David Tunnell, managing director of Hellman Friedman, said: Genesys is an industry leader. Its innovation ability has been tested for a long time and is ahead of the whole industry. It is a good investment object. Heliman Friedman managing director Tarim Wasim added: we are convinced of the development vision of Genesys and the efforts and commitment of Genesys employees to change the metallurgical experience of customers. We look forward to cooperating with Genesys to help Genesys to a higher level

brian ruder, permira partner and co technical director, said: since 2012, permira fund separated Genesys from Alcatel lucent, Genesys has greatly expanded its market leadership in the growing market environment. I'm glad to have a partner like Hellman Friedman. We will continue to maintain stable endogenous growth and continue to promote strategic acquisitions

qatalyst partners is the financing advisor of Genesys

about Genesys

Genesys provides the world's first customer experience platform to establish extraordinary Omni channel customer experience, customer experience and customer relationships for enterprises. Over the past 25 years, we have always believed that strong customer interaction has created great business achievements. 4700 customers in 120 countries around the world trust and choose Genesys to coordinate and command the interaction of more than 24billion contact centers every year, whether in the cloud or self built. For more information, please visit:

about Hellman Friedman

Hellman Friedman is a leading private equity investment company with offices in San Francisco, New York and London. Founded in 1984, Hellman Friedman has successfully raised $35billion in entrusted capital. Hellman Friedman mainly invests in high-quality commercial chain enterprises. As a value-added partner, he provides management services for selected industries such as software, Internet and media, financial services, business and information services, energy and industry, retail and consumption, and health care. For more information about Hellman Friedman, please visit

about permira

permira is a global investment company committed to identifying and supporting ambitious and successful enterprises. Since its establishment in 1985, permira has raised nearly 25billion euros ($28billion) of committed capital. Permira will make long-term investments in enterprises that are committed to making changes and achieving sustainable growth. In the past 30 years, permira fund has made more than 200 private equity investments in five key areas: consumers, financial services, health care, industry and technology. Permira fund has a record of successfully investing in technology-based enterprises around the world. Since 1997, more than 33% of the investment of permira fund has been concentrated in core technology fields. For more information, please visit

about TCV

technology crossover ventures (TCV), founded in 1995, is a leading capital provider committed to providing financial support to private and public enterprises in the technology industry that are in the ascendant. In the past 21 years, TCV has invested in more than 200 technology leaders, with an investment amount of nearly $9billion, and completed 59 IPOs and 50 strategic sales projects. TCV is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has offices in New York and London. For more information about TCV (including a complete list of TCV investments), please visit

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