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Application of genesis32 v9.0 configuration software in thermal monitoring system

Abstract: Taking the weihuliang thermal dispatching monitoring system of Urumqi Thermal Power Corporation as an example, this paper introduces the application of genesis32 v9.0 configuration software and 2005 series and X20 series PCC programmable computer controllers in the thermal monitoring system on the evening of August 8, b&r, and expounds the composition, configuration and configuration process of the system

key words: Genesis 32 v9.1; PCC programmable computer controller; Monitoring control and data acquisition; OPC


central heating system is an important infrastructure of a city, and it is also a symbol of the level of urban modernization. The development of central heating has good social, environmental and economic benefits. It is of great significance to save energy, improve environmental quality and improve people's living standards. In order to do a good job in urban central heating projects, we must comprehensively improve the level of heating technology, especially the level of automatic control of heating systems

1 system composition

the weihuliang heat dispatching and monitoring system of Urumqi Thermal Power Corporation was completed and put into use in 2001, and 40 heat exchange stations were connected to the heat monitoring system in four batches. In recent years, due to the aging and slow operation of the computer equipment in the server, engineer station and operator station of the monitoring center, after the upgrading and transformation of the reed electric heating communication scheme (the original dial-up tensile testing machine is used to test the mechanical properties of parts and materials, including metal and non-metal, and its communication mode is changed to ADSL communication mode), another 56 heat exchange stations are connected to the heat monitoring system, which increases the amount of data and makes the system more unstable, It has been unable to meet the requirements of the monitoring system, and it is imperative to upgrade the system

Thermal Power Corporation upgraded the hardware and software of the original monitoring system, and updated the server, engineer station and operator station computers. The operating system based on windows NT4.0 and gensis32 version 6.0 configuration software have also been upgraded to gensis32 9.0 (Chinese version) based on windows 2003/xp operating system. After the upgrade, the data connection is changed from the original DCOM configuration to Internet based, which improves the data stability, corrects the problems caused by the interconnection between different platforms using DCOM, and reduces the time of DCOM application debugging. The data is upgraded from the original Microsoft Access (limit 1g/per database) to Microsoft SQL 2005 express, and the capacity can be expanded to 4G. It has built-in MODBUS OPC server, SNMP OPC server, OPC DDE and other communication protocols, and is compatible with third-party software and hardware. It has strong scalability, strong compatibility, and reliable stability. Considering that nearly 100 heat exchange stations have a large amount of data and require real-time data transmission, pviopc servers are increased from one to three

after the monitoring system is upgraded, two servers (redundant), three pviopc servers (which can also be used as operator stations) and two operator stations are set. The system structure is shown in Figure 1. Iconics Genesis 32 v9.0 configuration software is selected to realize the functions of picture monitoring, historical trend, parameter setting, command control, alarm management and report management of the whole system

Figure 1 structure diagram of monitoring system

2 system configuration

very familiar with the material requirements and technical requirements of customers of power grid

2.1 application program structure

genesis32 v9.0 configuration software application program structure is as follows (see Figure 2):

Figure 2 application program structure

alarm server configurator configuration OPC Server requires alarm marks, At runtime, use the alarm indicator and Li "ve alarm viewer control on graphworx32 to observe the alarm server status and alarms

the task of the alarm logger configurator is to record the alarm contents of the alarm server into the database to form historical alarms. When running, G raphworx32 just used the historical alarm report to display the historical alarms in the database

the task of the trendworx32 configurator is to collect the data that needs to be collected in the OPC server into the database, and then use the historical trend viewer control in G raphworx32 to view the historical trend

trendworx32 reporting is used to print the data collected into the database

graphworx32 displays real-time data and real-time trends, which are obtained directly from the OPC server through OPC da

2.2 database processing

implementation of communication processing of genesis32 and b&r2005 series and X20 series PCC programmable controllers establish the connection between the upper computer and the Ethernet module in each PCC through b&r automation software, and use this connection as OPC server, while genesis32 as OPC client to realize the communication between genesis32 monitoring system and PCC system

we first configure OPC server for b&r automation software, and configure tag variables, communication paths, and data conversion. (see Figure 3)

Figure 3 PVI OPC server configurator

secondly, by configuring SQL Server Express 2005 installed on the server, two databases are created, one for storing alarm time data and the other for storing historical data. (see Figure 4)

Figure 4 graphwrox32 in SQL Server Management Studio

2.3 picture development

configuration software is used for picture configuration. The monitoring screen is designed with reference to the process drawings of the heat exchange station, which visually reflects the whole process flow of the heat exchange station, and highlights each link of the whole process through the transition of colors and the matching of different colors. The overall picture of parameters, parameter setting, valve control, frequency conversion control, secondary return water pressure setting, secondary water supply temperature setting, etc. all pictures have the same style and layout, and the usage habits of operators are fully considered. The dynamic effect and color change in the picture reflect the running state of the equipment, and the change of field data is reflected by the change of numerical value, bar chart and trend chart. (see Figure 5)

Figure 5 process flow screen of heat exchange station

2.4 historical data acquisition configuration

the trendworx32 logger configurator in the configuration software records the data into the relational database in the background, and then displays it in the form of historical curve or report. It can not only record the original data, but also record the filtered data and the data after mathematical calculation. It uses Microsoft ado/oledb technology, through which it can connect access, SQL server, MSDE or oracle

in graphworx32, there is a twxview32 ActiveX control, which can display data in various forms, such as time curve, XY curve, bar graph, pie graph, logarithmic coordinate graph, etc. Users can easily define their colors, fonts, column attributes, value range, pen attributes, timeline, etc. in their property pages, and even display real-time curves and historical curves in one control at the same time. In this way, the data of last week can be compared with the current data, and the current production capacity can be compared with the planned production capacity. Operators can add comments at will, and the curve can be enlarged and reduced freely, Data can also be counted

Figure 6 trendworx32 logger configurator

Figure 7 historical trend curve screen of process quantity

2.5 report generation

trendworx32 reporting in the configuration software is used to extract data from the stored historical database to form a report, which is displayed in the form of database tables, text files, Excel files, etc., and can also be flexibly adjusted according to the actual needs. When users need to browse, export and print the report of a certain day, they only need to specify the report generation date, and the system will automatically create a user report of historical data

2.6 alarm storage, query

the alarmworx32 server in the configuration software is a distributed alarm and event management system, which can be used in the standard genesis32 package, or as an open component alone. It provides real-time alarm information. Alarm server configurator: when OPC variables or expressions need to alarm, configure them into the alarm server configuration. In the alarm server configuration, you can define the upper and lower limit alarm, deviation alarm, data change rate alarm, and digital alarm You can specify the alarm correlation quantity and the alarm area to which the alarm point belongs. The configuration content of the alarm server is stored in access or SQL database

create a new window in graphworx32, click iconics awxview32 control on the toolbar, and an alarm control will be added to the screen. By default, the control has been associated with the alarm server, and you can directly run the screen. If there is alarm information at this time, you can see it from the control

3 conclusion

since the monitoring system was put into operation, it has operated stably and reliably. As the configuration support software of the thermal monitoring system, the genesis32 platform has played an important role in the system development, greatly reducing the development workload of the system, shortening the development time, and has good working stability


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