Employment growth in the most popular chemical and

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Employment growth in the chemical and plastic industry

a newly released report in Washington, D.C. (July 30, 2012) said that in this decade, the chemical industry has become an "important driving force of economic growth" in the United States, and the employment growth in the chemical and plastic industry has injected vitality into the economy

IHS Global Insight Inc., an information research company, said in this economic report prepared for the U.S. mayors' conference and its urban economy and new American City Committee: "In this decade, the [chemical] industry has shown rapid growth in the scale of investment, employment and salary levels, and the pulse signal output of the photoelectric encoder. The main driving factor is the rapid adoption of the latest drilling technology in the United States to exploit shale gas and other unconventional natural gas supplies, which has led to a reduction in natural gas prices."

the report said: "at present, investment in the United States has become competitive against overseas production. The discovery of new gas fields has not only stimulated the increase of investment in the Gulf of Mexico, but also set off an investment boom across the United States." the report mentioned the upcoming Petrochemical cracking plant in Pittsburgh as an example, which is close to the newly developed shale gas field

the report said that on the whole, the sales of the U.S. chemical industry exceeded $760 billion, the total amount of exported goods and products was close to $200million, and the annual R & D investment of the chemical industry in the United States was as high as $50billion

1. The equipment should be placed in a special room. The report said: "this has made an important contribution to the future prosperity of the U.S. economy. Considering that neither the U.S. people nor the government are free of debt, it is expected that the export demand will become an important economic driving force of the United States in the next decade. Improving productivity through R & D investment will become a crucial driving force for economic growth."

the report said that the Chicago metropolitan area, which gathered many plastic product manufacturers, has the largest number of employees in chemical and plastic industries, with 43000 people, followed by Houston, which is very close to it due to the restriction of oil source flow and the development of sensor technology. According to the report, there are 28 urban areas in the United States with more than 10000 employees in these two industries, and 178 regions with more than 1000 employees in these two industries

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