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Electrical maintenance electrician employment prospects

maintenance electrician is a broad concept, as the name suggests, is engaged in the maintenance of various electrical appliances. From low-level to high-level, from rural electricians to senior talents who can manipulate imported equipment, the level varies greatly. What jobs are maintenance electricians mainly engaged in. Electricians have a wide employment prospect. As long as there is electricity, there are electricians in places that need electricity, such as shopping malls, hotels, banks, tourist attractions and so on. Therefore, there are many employment directions and employment points for electricians

maintenance electricians can be engaged in maintenance electricians, motor maintenance workers, electronic assemblers, power generation and distribution, relay protection, factory electricity, numerical control maintenance, household appliance maintenance, etc The scope of employment is very broad. The scope of work of electricians (except industrial power system) includes: layout, assembly, installation, commissioning, fault detection and troubleshooting, as well as maintenance of wires, fixed devices, control devices and related equipment in buildings and other buildings. Although the average annual income of electricians is relatively high, there are not many employees, which is difficult to meet the needs of employers. It is expected that this situation will continue in the next five years

the employment prospect of maintenance electricians. At present, the employment prospect of electricians is very broad. The main work is concentrated in maintenance electricians, motor maintenance workers, electronic assemblers, power generation and distribution, relay protection, factory power consumption, numerical control maintenance, etc. the demand for a large number of electricians makes the employment prospect of maintenance electricians very broad

[analysis of employment prospects of electrical engineering and automation]

graduates of electrical engineering and automation have a relatively broad technical theoretical foundation and solid professional basic knowledge, strong basic skills of electrical engineering and good practical training of electrical engineering, strong innovation ability, and certain scientific research, scientific and Technological Development and organization and management ability applicable to market economy. Graduates can be employed in various power plants, power supply departments of power systems, power survey, design and research units, power management and other departments, namely, power industry bureaus, design institutes, and engineering bureaus

employment prospects of electrical engineering and automation:

mainly engaged in work related to electrical engineering in the fields of system operation, automatic control, power electronic technology, information processing, test analysis, research and development, economic management, and the application of electronic and computer technology. Electrical automation is widely used in factories. It can be said that electrical automation is the only indispensable thing in factories and the pillar of factories! If you are proficient in electrical automation, the employer will ask you immediately, no matter what unit it is, it is better to be an electronic factory, because electronic factories use automation, programming and design every day

if you attach great importance to the requirements of working conditions, the best is the electric power bureau. Good welfare and high treatment. Then there is the Design Institute, whose work is relatively easy. The most difficult is the Engineering Bureau. Because we have to run around with the project site. But the salary is not low. And it can also turn to automation, electronics and other directions. The most important thing is that you will never worry about not finding a job in this industry. Although the first few years were hard, I didn't get much money. But as your work experience grows, your salary will improve quickly

Department posts of electrical engineering and automation in Power Supply Bureau

generally speaking, the first level subordinate units of Power Supply Bureau (here refers to the regional power supply bureau, not the county bureau, the same below) include:

organs: including Bureau office, personnel department, finance department, electricity department, safety supervision department, transmission and transformation operation inspection department, power customer service center, labor union, etc. New college students generally will not be assigned to institutions. Unless they are those who are very close and do not want to go to the grass-roots level, even if you are in the institutions, you can't command the people below. From experience, the leadership is usually brought up after many years of grass-roots training, so I think it's best not to go to the organ just after graduation, but to be willing to go to the grass-roots level

dispatching station: the name of each place may be different (Department workshop, etc.), which mainly includes dispatching room and relay protection team. This institute is the Department with the highest technical content and plays a very important role in the Bureau, and most of the leaders of our bureau come from this institute. As the name suggests, the dispatching room (local dispatching) is the unit that dispatches the regional power operation. The dispatcher should first practice in the substation for a few months to be familiar with the operation mode of the substation, and then practice in the dispatching room for about half a year. After passing the examination, he can be appointed as a deputy dispatcher

the dispatcher's work feels boring. He works all day. Like an operator, it's normal to shift and work at night, and there must be no mistakes in the dispatching order. Of course, dispatchers and staff in the way room of compiling electric operation mode should have a considerable grasp of the handling of electric structure relay protection accidents, because the difficulty lies in that they are 5% of the commanders of accident handling in the state of accident. The advantage is not tired, not dirty, more rest, high bonus

relay protection classes: there are usually several relay protection classes, which are in charge of the protection of substations with several voltage levels of 35kv/110kv/220kv/500kv. This is a place that new college students often go to and have a lot of knowledge. A person engaged in relay protection generally needs at least threeorfour years of practical work experience to be fully familiar with and master the protection work of this bureau. Once you become the technical backbone of relay protection, you must be very popular, because some jobs are up to you

Computer Communication Institute: some places are also called the Information Department of the information center, which is also a department with a large number of new students in recent years. Because now power supply bureaus have centralized control centers and adopt energy management system (EMS), most substations have realized few people on duty and no one on duty, and the monitoring of data acquisition equipment and the realization of microcomputer protection are inseparable from communication. There are many young people in this institute, most of whom graduated from the computer department

overhaul and test institute: this institute mainly carries out overhaul and maintenance of primary equipment and tests regularly. There are system (tube main transformer), switching team (tube circuit breaker), high voltage team and laboratory team. The people in the examination center are hard-working, and the working environment is full of oil pollution. Many times, they need physical strength very much, so there are basically no girls

in the past, the status of the repair and test institute was relatively high, because he was very interested in primary equipment. 4 Force value accuracy: 0.5% palm, the person who comes out of the test is competent for almost all other positions. However, in recent years, the status of the repair and test institute has declined (although the salary and bonus are still high), because their work pays special attention to experience, and the technical difficulty is not high. In addition, with the popularization of microcomputer protection and the application of computer communication, those engaged in repair and test know less and less about the secondary circuit

power transmission station: it is also called line team, which is used to maintain 35kv~220kv transmission lines. Field work is very hard, pays attention to experience, does not have many skills, and basically no college students go there

[analysis of employment direction and employment prospects of power plant and power system majors]

students majoring in power plant and power system majors mainly study thermoplastic pipes - balloon tubes, three-layer tubes, multi cavity tubes, braided tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, post-processing - cutting-edge, flaring, printing, etc. learn electrical technology and practical training, applied electronic technology and practical training, motor principle and operation, power system analysis and operation, electrical equipment operation and maintenance Power system relay protection principle and operation, high voltage and testing technology, thermal power unit simulation training, substation simulation training, post practice, etc

students majoring in power plants and power systems should have the skills to configure, select, install, debug, operate and repair electrical equipment in power plants, power systems and industrial and mining enterprises; Have the ability to correctly understand and implement the safety regulations, operation regulations, maintenance regulations, etc. of the power industry; Be able to carry out routine calculation of power system; Have preliminary technical management and electrical product marketing ability; Know the organization and management procedures and safety measures of electrical construction site; Have the ability to cooperate and coordinate with other professional types of work

the major of power plant and power system cultivates advanced engineering and technical application talents engaged in electrical design, operation, maintenance, management, installation, commissioning, overhaul and other work related to power generation system, transmission system, power supply and distribution system in modern power plants, power systems, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions

employment direction of power plant and power system

graduates of power plant and power system can work in power supply departments at all levels of power companies, large and medium-sized thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, power construction enterprises, power repair and manufacturing enterprises, electrical equipment production plants, self provided power plants of industrial and mining enterprises and relevant experimental institutes. Be engaged in the operation, maintenance, installation and commissioning, technical management and experimental research of electrical equipment

there are many kinds of jobs involved in power plant and power system, which can be summarized into core jobs such as electrical operation, electrical maintenance and test, electrical installation and commissioning, power line operation and maintenance

the major of power plant and power system has a more complex processing industry prospect

graduates of power plant and power system have a wide range of technical basic theory and practical working ability to engage in the design, operation, research, organization and management of power plant electrical system, power system protection and automation, high and low voltage technology, power measurement and control scheduling system, and can go to all kinds of power plants, power system power supply departments Power survey, design and research units, power management and other departments

the professional employment rate of power plants and power systems is good. It belongs to a popular industry. In 2013, the number of graduates from power plant and power system colleges and universities was, of which 80% were male and 20% were female. In 2013, the proportion of male and female students enrolled in power plant and power system colleges and universities was 19% in liberal arts, 79% in science, and 2% in liberal arts and science. It can be said that like tens of thousands of businesses, logistics, and service providers in Alibaba's e-commerce system, the employment rate of power plant and Power System Majors in recent years was 2011 (85%-90%), 2012 (85%-90%), 2013 (85%-90%)

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