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Enabling digital technology is the key focus of green intelligent manufacturing

under the background of carbon peak, carbon neutral and dual carbon goals, low-carbon and energy conservation have become the general trend of the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, and will also become the inevitable result of the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. How to reduce carbon while reducing cost and increasing efficiency, turn challenges into opportunities, and achieve resilience, efficiency and sustainable development has become the focus of enterprise survival and competition. When installing the pressure testing machine, the expert table interviewed by the China economic times showed that green + intelligent manufacturing will be an important part of improving the digital competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises, and the enabling of digital technology is the key point to accelerate the greening and intellectualization of manufacturing enterprises

smart manufacturing, green manufacturing wings vibration

the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry requires smart manufacturing, green manufacturing wings vibration, with the help of green manufacturing to improve energy effect, at the same time, through intelligent manufacturing to change the manufacturing mode, both are indispensable. Zhangshucui, director of the Financial Policy Research Office of the Institute of industry and economics, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, told this newspaper

Zhang shucui said that green manufacturing emphasizes high-tech content and less resource consumption, focusing on reducing energy consumption, while intelligent manufacturing focuses on achieving interconnection, automatic materials, continuous innovation of intelligence and personalized services, and achieving quality and efficiency improvement with the help of new generation information technologies such as big data, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, etc. Green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing complement and promote each other. Green manufacturing must improve production efficiency through intelligent manufacturing, achieve the same or even higher output value with less consumption and emissions, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction. At the same time, the demand for products and technologies such as energy conservation and consumption reduction also coincides with the new products and technologies required by intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing applies information technologies such as smart electricity and multi integration to promote the interconnection of design, production and sales, strengthen the full life cycle management, eliminate the waste in the production and manufacturing system in a systematic and sustainable way, and realize the recycling of resources and energy, which is conducive to promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction

she introduced to this newspaper that green manufacturing focuses on energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, so that products in the manufacturing industry can convert the elongation of standard tensile samples into force values and the force values of tensile testing machines for comparison in the whole life cycle, from design, production, sales to scrap disposal. In all links of the life cycle, it should not only have the smallest negative impact on the ecological environment, but also have the highest utilization rate of resources and energy, We should also achieve the goal of coordinating and optimizing economic and social benefits. Based on the current level of automation and informatization in the manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing adopts a new generation of information technology such as virtual manufacturing 2 experimental formula to simulate the whole life cycle of products, focusing on the production on demand method, and vigorously promoting flexible manufacturing, biological manufacturing and other methods, which can effectively shorten the development cycle of technology and products, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote the manufacturing industry to organize production in a more effective, economical and flexible way, At the same time, it emphasizes eliminating the internal friction of non value-added activities, delivering higher quality products at lower cost and higher efficiency, and constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

green + Intelligent Manufacturing improves the digital competitiveness of enterprises

as the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization approaches, how to use digital technology to make enterprise production more green and sustainable, and enable green intelligent manufacturing through innovative technology

Zhang shucui said that with the accelerating pace of digital transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the amount of data generated and processed has increased rapidly. The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of reducing the resource and energy consumption and carbon emissions of the digital economy, and it is urgent to further improve the green and intelligent level of the manufacturing industry. Green + intelligent manufacturing will be an important part of improving the digital competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises, and the enabling of digital technology is the key point to accelerate the greening and intellectualization of manufacturing enterprises

Zhang shucui suggested that relevant government departments, while issuing supporting policies on Green + intelligent manufacturing, can publicly select enterprises with industry representation, good industrial foundation and green + intelligent manufacturing development conditions, establish them as benchmark enterprises of green + intelligent manufacturing, guide and support benchmark enterprises around standard setting, mechanism building, etc, By making every effort to build a green + Intelligent collaborative manufacturing system integration, we will accelerate the systematization process of green + Intelligent standards for the high-end industrial chain, focus on improving the scientific research of key core technologies and products, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, drive enterprises in relevant industries to improve standards, cultivate new drivers of development, and achieve intelligent green and low-carbon growth

in March 2021, the European Parliament passed a resolution supporting the establishment of a carbon border adjustment mechanism, involving three modes: comprehensive import carbon tariffs, non discriminatory carbon tariffs, and carbon emissions trading. The European Commission will formally put forward a specific plan on carbon tariffs, and the EU may impose carbon tariffs on imported goods from 2023 according to this plan. This has also become a new topic on how to accelerate the process of green + intelligent manufacturing with the help of digital technologies such as big data, industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence. Zhang shucui said

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