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Anyang glass manufacturers Daquan

What are Anyang glass manufacturers? Which glass manufacturer has better product quality? Which glass factory is good! The global glass Anyang glass manufacturers are as follows:

details of Henan Ancai High Tech Co., Ltd. click here

large state-owned listed company, which is subordinate to Henan provincial investment company

we produce 2mm~19mm high-quality float glass Low-E, coated glass Low-E, hollow, tempered glass TCO and ultra white float glass 3.2mm~4.0mm photovoltaic glass

details of Henan Linzhou Qianyuan Heng bottle Industry Co., Ltd. click here

our factory mainly produces all kinds of high-grade and low-grade milky white bottles and glass bottles. The advantages of spraying cost performance are not great. All kinds of color bottles, roasted vases, the whole vehicle weighs only 25.35 pounds, frosted bottles and all kinds of high-grade and low-grade bottle caps With stable and reliable quality, based on talents and market orientation, our company has formed a sales pattern of trinity of sales, service and information feedback, and our products are exported to all parts of the country

details of Anyang Zhongyi Lianmao mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. click here

Anyang Zhongyi Lianmao mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Beiguan District, Anyang City, where the famous world cultural heritage Yin Ruins is located. It is jointly funded and built by Zhongyi Lianmao (North China) Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and Italian Idro matic company. It is fully responsible for the research, sales, brand promotion and technical post licensing services of Italian cleaning equipment in China The company mainly operates high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machines, hot and cold water high-pressure cleaning machines, cold water high-pressure cleaning machines, saturated steam cleaning machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners, floor washers, floor sweepers and other equipment from Italian ITM group, Italian lavor group, Italian IPC group, Italian AR, Italian Delfin, Italian COMAC, German Karcher, German Maha, German Starmix, and other well-known European manufacturers, Its products have obtained ISO9001 quality certification and gstus mark

Anyang Zhongxin tempered glass details click here

our company is located in Anyang City, Henan Province. It is the only manufacturer in Northern Henan that has up and down convection tempering furnace, full-automatic cutting machine, large cleaning machine and glue mixing furnace Tempered Low-E is the main product of our factory. High quality furnace body and exquisite craftsmanship have created a perfect Hong Kong film Our company adheres to the attitude of excellent quality and honest management. Based on Anyang, we will win-win with you

a high degree of automation ensures a shorter production beat; Up to 50% high fiber volume content

details of Linzhou Huayu glass products Co., Ltd. click here

Linzhou Huayu glass products Co., Ltd. is located by the world-famous red flag canal, Yuankang town glass industrial park, Linzhou City, Henan Province, covering an area of more than 200 mu, with assets of 30million yuan At the beginning of its establishment, the company introduced two of the most advanced fully automatic glass production lines in China, and continuously optimized and improved glass furnaces and related equipment in the production process At present, the annual production capacity can reach more than 20000 tons, and the products have more than 1000 kinds of high white, plain white, milky white glass bottles, roast vases, and various beverage bottles in various shapes, and the bottle types can be designed and produced according to the needs of customers

details of Xuejun insulating glass city Click here

Xuejun glass city is a comprehensive enterprise integrating transportation, wholesale, retail and deep processing, with a registered capital of 1million. It mainly focuses on glass transportation and wholesale, operating mm float, lattice, flat glass, all kinds of medium and high-grade craft glass, professionally customizing magnesium alloy doors, processing insulating glass, and mass producing terrazzo ground glass spacer strips

details of qianyuanheng glass products Co., Ltd. click here

our company specializes in producing all kinds of glass bottles, and can also customize all kinds of special-shaped bottles, spraying, baking vases, and beverage bottles. Our technology is mature and stable, and we can make samples. We can also count all kinds of bottle types and patterns according to customers' needs. Welcome all friends to visit the factory in person. We can send cars to pick them up in the factory, or call us first for consultation. If necessary, We can provide on-site service

details of eternal glass click here

Anyang eternal Glass Co., Ltd. is a hollow glass processing company. Our company has successfully completed various tasks of various construction sites and residential communities in Anyang City! Our company is in urgent need of insulating glass technicians. Those who have work experience are preferred. They can eat, live, work for a short time, and the salary is negotiable. Please refer to those who are interested!! The first production line in the phase 1 project of cutting glass, glass lamination and glass coating has been trial produced

details of Anyang City and Jiaxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd. click here

Anyang City and Jiaxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tangyin with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment With convenient transportation and superior geographical location, it is adjacent to Anyang in the north and Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province in the south. It is the hometown of historical celebrity Yue Fei Jiaxin company is a professional company mainly engaged in the development and production of surface protection products and packaging materials. It specializes in the production and processing of PE protective film, offline Low-E edge sealing film, aluminum foil film, packaging tape, heat shrinkable film, protective film and other products Have a complete and scientific quality management system

note: the above list of glass factories is published by the global glass organization

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